Streefood Quest

About Us

Streetfood Quest is an app that lists streetfood locations in cities all around the world. SFQ enables you to find, eat and share the best of your city, through any phone, tablet or computer.

Our mission is to allow foodies to discover & locate the best food trucks for a quick bite at any given time or place.

At Streetfood Quest, we believe that streetfood has two components : Food Trucks and Grab&Go’s, which are the small restaurants, gourmet grocery stores, cafés, bakeries and pastry shops, held by artisans who offer quality food to eat on the streets.

We built SFQ to connect hungry foodies in the streets to yummy Food Trucks & unique Grab & Go hidden gems.

For users :
- Filter by establishment type, food type, distance and schedule,
- Display the places in map mode or list mode,
- Share easily on social networks,
- Find informational profile of Food Trucks and To Go's with photos, description, schedule, menu and latest Tweets,
- Find directions on how to get to the foodspot,
- Save it in your favorites,
- Download menus in PDF format.

For the street food owners :
- Intuitive and easy interface,
- Itinerary : enter your future locations in advance,
- Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram),
- Geolocalization system : update your food truck location anytime to help customers find you,
- Quick and easy addition of Food Trucks or To Go's places by recovering the information (such as descriptions and "office hours") from their respective Facebook pages.

Developped by questology